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Trip Kite Surfing

Ebro Delta

Stays from the beginning of February to the end of June

The Ebro Delta, paradise lost between Barcelona and Valencia. A thermal wind that blows almost every day and a huge lagoon allowing learning with ease. The landscapes are majestic between sea and mountains and the population is very  welcoming.

At the end of our sessions, we can stop to taste some tapas in one of the many restaurants that offer them like everywhere in Spain. 

We teach and kite on 2 different spots: Trabucador and Riomar depending on the direction of the wind. 

Formula "All Inclusive"

- Single room 

- 10 hours of semi-private lesson (2 students with an instructor, optimal way of learning because we learn from each other) 

All the necessary and state-of-the-art equipment to learn in the best conditions (all kite equipment, helmets and radios to progress quickly)

- Meals, drinks, transfers

"All inclusive" rate: 1500 Euros for the full week in a single room

"All inclusive" rate: 1400 Euros per week in a shared room

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